Are Your Dreams Crazy?! (Vid 39 Trnscr)

No, they’re Crazy Amazing (Cra-MAZING! 😉 )!!

Are you crazy?! I think I am sometimes, when I think of stuff that I wanna do and places I wanna go… I think, ‘Omg. I’m crazy…’. Guess what? People more accomplished than us — so far — were called insane, crazy, stupid, foolish… Leonardo DaVinci, the Wright Brothers… So if amazing is what ‘crazy’ is — those people turned out to be amazing — then bring it on! Embrace your ‘crazy’! Of course, I want us all to eliminate this from our definitions of ourselves and our vocabularies, but until that moment, bring it. Be one with who you are. If other people wanna call you crazy, it’s generally because they are too scared, so far (we are not judging them), to embrace inner dreams or small / big goals. Love yourself. If other people label you — eighteenth of all, let’s not discuss our dreams with naysayers. Yes, let’s talk them over with friends that love us and are realistic, i.e., ‘Wow, Hil, that’s great and, have you considered that you may run into [blah blah blah] and do you have issues with that?’ very gently and lovingly. Let’s do that but not discuss what’s in our hearts with — for lack of a better word — the negative people who are gonna poo-poo your idea and criticize you for that. Let’s discuss [our dreams] with the people who are movin’ and shakin’, followin’ their hearts against all odds. Ok? Be crazy with me! Love you, L’bye.


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