“Hil is like a textbook of knowledge on so many things.”

“She has done more for me than any therapist…”

“…supportive, nourishing, embracing, heartfelt…”                                                                            

Kathleen, restaurateur / teacher, California:

On LBLC videos: “This is about real sh**, not ‘your hair color needs to match your eyebrows’… it’s funny, uplifting, real, the truth, what we need to hear.”

On coaching: “Last fall, I drove all the way across the U.S. – alone – after leaving behind an entire family I thought I was a part of, and someone whom I led myself to believe really loved me, understood me, unconditionally; thought we were gonna be together the rest of our lives… I had been conned by one of the best con artists I know… Hil helped me through the excruciating, can’t-breathe heartache, for thousands of miles, until I was strong enough to decide I would never again put up with any more sh**! Hil is like a textbook of knowledge on so many things.

There’s a healing process she helps with; she holds me responsible for my actions so I don’t play the blame game, and does it any a gentle, nurturing way: no ‘I toldja so’ junk, which is huge for a woman who’s emotionally hurting. Instead of saying, ‘this is wrong’, she says, ‘look at this, try this, I’m on your side, you can repeat the story 30 times, I’ll listen’.

It’s HUGE! She’s a cheerleader; so supportive, nourishing, embracing, heartfelt… when your heart is broken and you have somebody that invested in you who believes in you, it helps the healing process.”

Cristal, premiere photographer, New Mexico:

“Hil is one of the most dynamic, insightful people I have ever met. She helped me:

– stay strong through a years-long custody battle,

– stand up for myself

– be real.

She has done more for me than any therapist as far as keeping me focused and making me see a higher place; she helps me understand things about life that I couldn’t find by myself… because she has the ability to see who I really am, even if I’m pretending, she helped me to not let my intelligence be underestimated.

Every time, her response to whatever is so insightful that it blows my mind. She is honest and gentle. I am blessed to have her in my life.”

Dennis, business owner / art collector, California:

“This woman has been my life coach for the last three decades. Every bit of advice she gave me was helpful, useful and positively affected my life… Never has a person led me through so many parts of life with such fulfilling energy flow!!! You will grow as a person from the ideas she shares; at times, she brings forward something you’re already thinking but haven’t kicked into action yet. She gives GO a whole new meaning!”



















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