2019 Videos

33. Keep Going, NMW! Ynk! I SUPER PROMISE (!): things can change on a dime; all you have to do is KEEP GOING, however you can! Please!


32. Be Here Now! As counter-intuitive as it may seem, being here now (being present in this moment), is one of the best ways to figure out your future!


31. womanSpeakUpNow and Speak Up Well! 1. What is the speaking faux pas, so common that even famous and successful people do it, that drives me nuts?! A 4-minute, easy cure! 2. A simple way to increase your Speak Up power! Bonus: Secret practice technique for today, to be genuine and heartfelt tomorrow.


30. Rock Your Online Videos: Left to Right is Right! If you want your viewers to get the best feeling possible while they watch, Do The (Left to) Right Thing! … I messed up and said ‘right’ when I meant left and vice-versa! To clarify: Wherever you are, in your car (parked, please!) or wherever, mentally put yourself in the driver’s seat and hold your phone – or camera – in your right hand. If you look away while taping, look forward, as if you’re looking at the road. This will ensure that if you look away, the direction of your gaze is left to right.


29. Rock Your Online Videos: Clean Up the Mouth Clicks! We want to hear your message, not your mouth noises… listen carefully to your practice videos to hear when /where you’re adding extra noise.