Pretend Your Way to Success! (Vid Trans)

11th October 2020

Do you remember when you were a lot younger – you’re still

young but you were a lot younger – you would be the doctor,

the store keeper, the bad girl, the good girl, whatever, when

we played pretend with our friends? You are still able to do

that (!). If you have a hard time putting yourself in the shoes

of the successful ladypreneur that you *know* you could be,

[and] you just can’t quite get there in your mind, do this: go

back to when you were itty bitty bitty, and play pretend, just

for five seconds – to begin with, i.e., ‘How would she [do x, y

or z]?’ I find myself slumping in my car so I made myself sit up

straight and asked myself, ‘If I were the uber-successful

empress (over my empire I’m working on … for twenty years),

how would I sit in my car, knowing how proud I am of my

accomplishments and how many more dreams I have? How

would I sit, how would I stand? We’ve talked a little bit about

this in the videos [in which] I say, “… as tall as you can

possibly be…” (from back in the day). We’ve talked about this

before so let’s put a new spin on it: If you were that woman

[we all know it’s ‘when’ but when we have doubting moments..],

how would you sit? How would you walk? How would you […]?

Fake it ’til you make it! Ok, l’bye.

See the video:


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