2017 – 2018 Videos

28. More Time = More Money! FREE UP Like A Boss!


27. 3 Words to fEmpowerment! What if switching three words could change your life?!


26. Too Tired or Stressed For Success?! What to do when the day’s too long or you feel you have no energy left for your business!


25. wSUN: Speak Up to Yourself! When you can’t speak up to someon else…


24. Message Matters Most!! Why and how to get around the voices that try to stop us!


23. More Effective: CONNECT Like a Boss! Doing this for 9 minutes a month could enhance your connections for decades!!!!


21. ‘F*** You’ is Good? Hear the surprising result: I went to the dark side and imagined telling him off!


19. More Confidence: TALK Like a Boss! What you say and the way you say it speak volumes!