Be Even More Watchable / On-Cam Coaching!

Online videos are nothing new but our physical world – as of mid-March 2020 – is. Many people who’ve never before thought about putting their likenesses on the internet are now required to do so for jobs, school, etc…

This new frontier can be confusing! Many are thinking: I figured out how to log into the meeting; now what? What are the rules? How can be more confident and look professional in social media live videos and virtual company meetings?

In my book, As Watchable As Possible, you learned –

  • the keys to mastering the major – and important minor – technical elements, to be your best in front of any device lens
  • how to Step Up your non-technical elements like content, passion and authenticity… aka, the training that celebs and other on-camera professionals received in their early careers.

Further Step Up Your Live Video / Online Meeting Game with Personal On-Camera Coaching!

What’s Included?

One (1) Initial Video Analysis

Four (4) Scheduled Coaching Sessions

One (1) Last-Minute Coaching Session

Two (2) Additional Video Analyses (midway and at completion)

Twice-weekly Email Support

All This In One Package? Yes! Crazy weather special:

Get your coaching for only $497 until 28 February 2021!

I’m ready to be As Watchable As Possible