Early Years Videos

8. Win the Excuse Game! Be in the moment; use your passion / desire to dissolve excuses!


7B. Heart, Part 2! This heart part is about how / why we get ideas! What would happen if we listened?!


7A. State of the Heart! / Cherish Yourself! Your innermost organ has all you need to be your awesomest! / Be your own V’s Day date!


6. Rejuvenate; Luxuriate! Ya gotta take in to give out; fill your tank back up with these easy, obvious yet oft-overlooked ways!


5. Little Bit o’ Dancin’ = Big Results! To move & groove will behoove! 😉 Six reasons why dancing adds SO MUCH to life and business! Can’t dance? Here’s how to get started! Also: fill up your creative tank!


4. Walk to Rock! Why and how five minutes of walking can give you new ideas (!), new energy (!),  new perspective (!)!


3. The No Workout Workout! Get a workout while you work and live, no gym, no fees! Easily get up to 20 minutes of cardio / calorie burning every day by making these tiny changes!


2. Be On Time, Every Time! Easy ways to enjoy life while getting ready to go! Arrive at your destination relaxed, calm and ready to rock! Be that much more successful and effective!


B. Bonus: Why We Need to Talk, Walk, Flock!

Talk: why ya gotta have that one person who gets ya!
Walk: change your life in 5 minutes!
Flock: why being with others is so important to your wellbeing and in turn, your business!


1. Say Yes to Yourself!

I realized that I was saying, “No, no and NO,” to myself and started saying, “YES!” When it all hits the fan and seems hopeless, what do you do? How long will it take to plumb the depths of despair? How did this happen?!

A. Who Am I? Who Are You?, an intro to Hil, LadyBossLifeCoach

Whom am I to be asking whom YOU are? 😉 I tell (most) all! 🙂


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