2016 – 2017 Videos

18. STAND Bonus! One more great benefit!


17. More confidence: SHINE Like a Boss! ‘Beauty’ truly comes from within; here’s how to let it show 24/7! 😉


16. More Confidence: WALK Like a Boss! The amazing thing that happens when you WALK like a boss and, how to do it!


15. More Confidence: STAND Like a Boss! The easy way to stand like a boss and make it stick!


14. Raw Quickie #3: Do You Really Want It?! They charged me 4x more because the label was wrong (!), which led me to see that sometimes it’s good when we can’t buy every single thing we want…


12B. Raw Quickie #2: Is Your Mirror Mean?! If your reflection is scary, do this! And see your heart, your passion, your character!


12A. Raw Quickie #1: Live Life Now! I’ve been holding my breath, waiting until work’s over to live! No mas!


11. Getting What You Want! When it comes to giving your order, Mickey D’s and the Universe are the same! Here’s how to get what you want!


10. Beat the Creebie Geebies! So-bad-it’s-good (!) rap about how to WIN when voices in your head try to stop ya!


9. Let Go, Gain Freedom & Energy! The more unused stuff you give or sell, the bigger your return! The simple question that makes uncluttering a breeze!