Pretend Your Way to Success! (Vid Trans)

11th October 2020

Do you remember when you were a lot younger – you’re still

young but you were a lot younger – you would be the doctor,

the store keeper, the bad girl, the good girl, whatever, when

we played pretend with our friends? You are still able to do

that (!). If you have a hard time putting yourself in the shoes

of the successful ladypreneur that you *know* you could be,

[and] you just can’t quite get there in your mind, do this: go

back to when you were itty bitty bitty, and play pretend, just

for five seconds – to begin with, i.e., ‘How would she [do x, y

or z]?’ I find myself slumping in my car so I made myself sit up

straight and asked myself, ‘If I were the uber-successful

empress (over my empire I’m working on … for twenty years),

how would I sit in my car, knowing how proud I am of my

accomplishments and how many more dreams I have? How

would I sit, how would I stand? We’ve talked a little bit about

this in the videos [in which] I say, “… as tall as you can

possibly be…” (from back in the day). We’ve talked about this

before so let’s put a new spin on it: If you were that woman

[we all know it’s ‘when’ but when we have doubting moments..],

how would you sit? How would you walk? How would you […]?

Fake it ’til you make it! Ok, l’bye.

See the video:


Rock Your Home-bound Blizzard Conditions!

14 February 2021

Staying in: we had plenty of practice last year, right?! If your area is experiencing extreme weather, decide to make the most of this time!

Example (my situation): 

Right now, I’m between clients. As last week passed and I heard more and more about the approaching week of hazardous outside conditions, I knew I’d be staying in. I saw that I have a whole ‘free’ 5 days! I thought about how I can make a difference in my and others’ lives. I made an iron-clad deal with myself to do as much as I can – especially stuff that I felt I couldn’t do before, due to enmeshing myself so intensely in client work and, life challenges (“Dichotomy, line 1… “).

Are you thinking, “Hil, I don’t have any content! I still have to work every day. What can I do??”

Plenty! Even if you’re working at home because office is closed for weather, you now have two or more extra hours per day, like you did during quarantine: not as much ‘getting ready’, no need to stop for gas, no commute.

(I’ve mentioned elsewhere: when I put my earpods in and click on my music apps or bookmarks *first*, I’m able to jump right over the ‘not in the mood’ and ‘what difference will my content make anyway?!’ voices [which of course, are just mechanisms that ego uses to keep me ‘safe’ from success / failure…] )

With the extra time you’ll have, you can:

– do 22 minutes of morning pages (from “The Artists’ Way”; you write as fast as you can for three pages, first thing in the morning [or right before you start working on your own projects] to clear your head, remove writer’s block, etc.)

– move for twelve minutes – stretches, dancing, strolling around the house – which takes you further out of the logical, argumentative part of your brain

– spend a couple hours doing bulk cooking in the middle of the week instead of waiting ’til Sunday

– take 5 minutes to set up that social media account you’ve been thinking about

– use half an hour to brainstorm ideas for Tweets, YouTube videos, TikToks, Facebook posts

If you have existing content, you can do some of these that I’m going to do: 

– transcribe videos

– post the transcriptions under the videos and on my website (for people who’d rather read; added bonus: long descriptions under your YouTube videos boost your SEO!)

– add titles / descriptions to private videos and make them public or, put unlisted links in email campaign

– re-purpose parts of YouTube videos for TikToks

– backup website pages to Google Drive

– make a list of Tweets and a schedule

– make a list of TikToks and a schedule

– put more calls-to-action in my vids, TikToks and Tweets:

— ‘like, subscribe, comment’

— ‘sign up for my free eBook’

— ‘click here for coaching’

– ramp up my squeeze page

– post everything in my training group for other members to share, like, etc. 

*** When you take breaks: ***

– get vicarious with me in Fair Park and Deep Ellum in my TikTok series, Take A Break! @ladybosslifecoach

– see V-Day throwback, “State of the Heart”

Ok, Cuties and Beauties! Love you! 

— like / subscribe (plus, it’ll activate algorithm so more women will see this!)

— let me know in the comments what you’re rockin’ on during the stay-in!

— join me for tips and funnies!

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