11. Getting What You Want! Video Transcript

See the video here: https://youtu.be/I3Kb68yJbzI

Getting What You Want!
When it comes to giving your order,
Mickey D’s and the Universe are the same!
Here’s how to get what you want!

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When we tell the Universe, “This is my dream. This is my vision. THIS is what I want!” (that we wanna be an artist, a Lady Boss, whatever…); when we decide to do something great and meaningful, the voices start up:

“I’m nobody… just little Tammy from Muskogee.”
“That will never work.”
“If I take all the steps and do all that work, and then it doesn’t work… Dude! That will be such a waste of my time.”
“People are gonna laugh and say I am crazy.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I don’t know enough.”
“Who do yew thank yew are, shuger?”
“Yeah, it’s what I wanna do but I can never make money doin’ it…”

But! When we go to McDonald’s and put in our order for a Big Mac –“we’ve all done it, shuger, so don’t act like ya haven’t…” – we do not say,
“What if they run outta buns? What if they forget the pickles? They’re not gonna make my sandwich; they’ll put too much special sauce on… What am I doing here? Who am I to be having a Big Mac?!”

We do not say any of that. We tell the cashier what we want and we expect the people to give it to us exactly how we ordered it. If we stop the employees and say, “Wait! Wait… no, hold on: I don’t want the Big Mac. I want the Fish Filet. Ok, no tartar sau- ok, maybe a little tartar sauce- and I want the French fries…well…do I want the Fish Filet?”

If we change our minds and go back and forth, they can’t give us what we ask for.

Guess what? The Universe is exactly the same: if we put our order in and get quiet, it comes. All we have to do is be hands off. It comes, including opportunities to clear whatever stands between you and what you said you wanted. Sometimes [this] includes deep feelings of anger and sorrow. Embrace [them], they’ll dissolve in five minutes and you’ll go to the next level of clearing (but that’s another video…).
The minute you say, “This is who I choose to be; this is what I want,” the Universe goes to work to make it happen! If you’re led to take steps and you won’t do it; if we say, “Well, yeah… no…”, you’re saying, “No, I really don’t want it, I just said I did but I really don’t…”, you’re not meeting God halfway. God/the Universe does not judge. He/it just says, “Okay. As you wish.”

So what can you do? Decide, one hundred percent, even if it feels really scary to do it. If you have the dream or idea, there’s a reason. Decide, 100%, even if it seems impossible. Then, feel the feeling of the thing already having happened, i.e., friends are inviting you to parties, how proud you feel that it’s done. Feel feel feel feel, and hold that [feeling] as long as you can. During the day, stop and just feeeel. Feel that feeling even when the voices are [naysaying], like we already saw today. Feel the feeling of that two-week vacation in Italy that you’ve earned, you got ‘er done, everything’s coming together now and you have the money to go to Italy.

Feel it and forget it. Take the steps you’re led to take. Go ahead and argue and fuss and do it anyway. Trust the Universe to know what it’s doing, to see the bigger picture, to know things you have no way of knowing. Let go, let God, take the steps you’re led to take and know that your order is being prepared right now.

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