Rock Your Home-bound Blizzard Conditions!

14 February 2021

Staying in: we had plenty of practice last year, right?! If your area is experiencing extreme weather, decide to make the most of this time!

Example (my situation): 

Right now, I’m between clients. As last week passed and I heard more and more about the approaching week of hazardous outside conditions, I knew I’d be staying in. I saw that I have a whole ‘free’ 5 days! I thought about how I can make a difference in my and others’ lives. I made an iron-clad deal with myself to do as much as I can – especially stuff that I felt I couldn’t do before, due to enmeshing myself so intensely in client work and, life challenges (“Dichotomy, line 1… “).

Are you thinking, “Hil, I don’t have any content! I still have to work every day. What can I do??”

Plenty! Even if you’re working at home because office is closed for weather, you now have two or more extra hours per day, like you did during quarantine: not as much ‘getting ready’, no need to stop for gas, no commute.

(I’ve mentioned elsewhere: when I put my earpods in and click on my music apps or bookmarks *first*, I’m able to jump right over the ‘not in the mood’ and ‘what difference will my content make anyway?!’ voices [which of course, are just mechanisms that ego uses to keep me ‘safe’ from success / failure…] )

With the extra time you’ll have, you can:

– do 22 minutes of morning pages (from “The Artists’ Way”; you write as fast as you can for three pages, first thing in the morning [or right before you start working on your own projects] to clear your head, remove writer’s block, etc.)

– move for twelve minutes – stretches, dancing, strolling around the house – which takes you further out of the logical, argumentative part of your brain

– spend a couple hours doing bulk cooking in the middle of the week instead of waiting ’til Sunday

– take 5 minutes to set up that social media account you’ve been thinking about

– use half an hour to brainstorm ideas for Tweets, YouTube videos, TikToks, Facebook posts

If you have existing content, you can do some of these that I’m going to do: 

– transcribe videos

– post the transcriptions under the videos and on my website (for people who’d rather read; added bonus: long descriptions under your YouTube videos boost your SEO!)

– add titles / descriptions to private videos and make them public or, put unlisted links in email campaign

– re-purpose parts of YouTube videos for TikToks

– backup website pages to Google Drive

– make a list of Tweets and a schedule

– make a list of TikToks and a schedule

– put more calls-to-action in my vids, TikToks and Tweets:

— ‘like, subscribe, comment’

— ‘sign up for my free eBook’

— ‘click here for coaching’

– ramp up my squeeze page

– post everything in my training group for other members to share, like, etc. 

*** When you take breaks: ***

– get vicarious with me in Fair Park and Deep Ellum in my TikTok series, Take A Break! @ladybosslifecoach

– see V-Day throwback, “State of the Heart”

Ok, Cuties and Beauties! Love you! 

— like / subscribe (plus, it’ll activate algorithm so more women will see this!)

— let me know in the comments what you’re rockin’ on during the stay-in!

— join me for tips and funnies!

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Meditation / SCHME-ditation! (Ain’t NO-body Got Time Fo’…)

11 April 2021

>> see my 7-part TikTok series! Part 1:

“I hate meditation” was my mantra…

I hay-ted it! It was weird and I never knew if I was doing it right. Plus, I told myself, “I’m already tuned in! I can hear my inner voice / guides just fine; why the heck would I need meditation?!” 

… until I watched an interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza; he talked about how much more quickly you can manifest (deal-sealer for *me*), how you can heal your body, etc. I opened my mind a little to trying again… then watched a broadcast by Esther / Abraham and made the decision to start. She echoed Dr. Joe and added that the best time is to meditate is soon after arising from sleep, when you’re the closest you’ll be all day to your inner knowing, aka, the most “wobble-free”.

In another of her videos, she tells us to focus on our breath and be patient;:it took *her* nine months of meditating  to start channeling. Furthermore, she said what I’d never heard: “[the mind isn’t designed to be quiet; it’s designed to operate (finally, someone understands me!) but if you can quiet your mind, you’ll see results.]”

Day 1: I set my timer for 12 minutes and focused on my breath. Had to reel myself in every 2 – 3 seconds (ohhh, the weird stuff your mind comes up with at the least opportune moments) but I kept at it. Remembered the correct way to breathe (pull air in with your diaphragm). After the timer sounded, I was surprised to find that I wanted to continue a while longer. I felt soooo calm, all day! I honored my ‘ADHD’ impulses and did whatever I felt like doing – yet still got everything on my list done!… Much less anxiety than normal. At 3:20 p.m., I scored a job interview for Monday. Big breakthrough that night: I’d been pressuring / kicking myself for two decades to ‘hurry up and figure out a way to make *real* money in my field so I wouldn’t have to do any more menial, skilled trade jobs’ (you know, because *there* is always better than *here*). No wonder I always rebelled against and procrastinated doing my business lessons, working on my courses, writing my screenplay!!! (Kinda difficult to build your empire if you can’t bring yourself to do the small steps!) ‘What is my hidden, underlying, sabotaging belief???!’ I asked, a thousand times and never got an answer)… I realized that I’d never thought in terms of creating / developing for the joy and love of doing them! It was always, “monetize monetize monetize”. Maybe that works for some people but along the way, I’d lost my real whys, my playfulness and my passion in the quest to get as far away from labor work as I could – I resisted and it persisted [nothing wrong with labor; I just knew I was here for something different]… Watched a great Bollywood movie; for the first time, I didn’t feel guilty nor that I was wasting time nor escaping. Cried my butt off and enjoyed the heck out of it because of the excellent storytelling, then got a deep, full night of sleep. 

Day 2: I was so inspired by the previous day’s calm and big breakthrough that I meditated again (even though while doing it, it didn’t seem to be having any effect)… Had to reel myself in at the same every-few-seconds intervals. Viewed my beautiful, active mind with compassion and stayed with it. Afterwards, things were simple and clear: in order to fund myself, I will happily do decent-paying house painting jobs during the day; at night, with joy in my heart – and no condemning pressure to profitize – will develop stuff. In that spirit, I looked and applied for work… Felt great! Calm again, all day. Did my business training for the first time in weeks… In spite of protective measures from my ego (“wouldn’t you rather stay home and relax?”), I went alone to a big arts festival in an outlying part of the metroplex. LOVED IT! By the end of my visit, I had a complete, detailed vision of the booth I will build to exhibit my art pieces (one of my income streams) at the fall festivals. Stopped by an outdoor live music venue on the way home (two years since I’ve seen a live band!). Peace all around, continued inner calm. I am 100% convinced that there is plenty of money; I am choosing to make the most of whatever reasonable opps I find, aka, the fear around – and trauma from – living in my car and being broke for most of two years is no longer holding me hostage. Yee-haw!

Day 3: It’s on! During today’s meditation, I still had to reel myself in over and over, but stuck with it. Suuuuuuper calm and content after. Cleaned / organized all over the house I live in – which is not my job but I did it for *me* and will continue until I have a chance to help them understand Kankyo Kaizen. Felt great! No internal voices to fight with (the ones that used to stop me from *living*, each and every day!!!!) … Spent three hours writing the first installment (2700 words!) of a series that I have been planning for years, then wrote this article (890 words), then somehow had the confidance and chutzpah to search for video editor / video producer positions that pay $75K or above! Whoo-hoo!

Day 27: Every small business has its financial ups and downs (and if yours doesn’t, please let us know in the comments what you’re doing 😉 ). Recently, I’m having a ‘down’. Normally – before I began meditating, this situation is horrible aka panic like you’ve never seen. I did have a moment in which I was like, ‘Really?’ because I’m trying really hard. This time, except for that moment, I was like, ‘Ok: I can do this; somethin’s gonna work out; I got this.’ Today though, I am really on the last straw yet, I just kept saying, ‘There’s gotta be a way, there’s gotta be a way,’ and I was really calm – which, if you know me, is unusual – and I got the answer! I reached out for help, the person said yes. What I’m thinkin’ is, I’m learning creative financing for when I’m a huge mogul! Yee-haw! … Follow for more! Let me know in the comments if you’re meditating yet, if it’s helping you or, what you did if you had one of these little glitches. Ok’l’b!

Day 30 (transcription of Meditation, Pt 6): Benefit #457: You find answers! … I have movies I’m writing, I have articles I’m writing, I have *courses*, blah blah blah, and I just sit around and don’t get them done. I don’t take any action. For a decade, I was like, ‘What is wrong with me?’ During this meditation stuff – woo-woo! – I was led to an article that said, “The reason we don’t take action and don’t change, is not only to keep us safe,” which we’ve all heard, “but it’s also because the brain wants to keep us in a routine.” I realized that all I had to do was decide. I made a solid commitment that every day for 66 days (the time it takes to form a habit), I’m going to do something, no ifs, ands or buts, period. Since then, 4 of my days included migraines but I still got ‘er done.

Day 34 (transcription of Meditation, Final Part): This is my 34th day of meditation. Here are my 11 biggest benefits; I am:

  • 75% more focused
  • breaking through my old behavior patterns
  • over-riding negative self-talk
  • very calm
  • finding answers
  • solution-oriented
  • getting great sleep
  • 90% less anxious
  • 90% less resentful
  • losing weight
  • taking big action every day!

[and –

  • faster decision making]

It just takes 15 minutes a day and I highly recommend it. Have a great day!

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What You Don’t See About Yourself

What can you do when you think you’re kidding yourself and feel that you look like **** in your videos? …It’s been a year and I know you miss my #pinkfoamrollers. 😉 #WhenWomenWin #yougotthis #ladyboss #fyp #lifestyle #foryoupage #keepgoing

Hello, Lady Boss! How many times have we talked about our face, right? (or rather: I’ve talked about my face and how it may apply to your face. You may have all the confidence in the world and I think that’s incredible – and I’m working on it). And why do I keep doing it [making videos]? Because I wanna help you: I want to get you to the point where we can all love your videos and watch them, and make you more watchable (but you know all that…).

It’s really funny because someone – I have a best friend – whom I trust, who watches my stuff — and every time *I* see my stuff, part of me says, ‘Who am I kidding? I look like ****, blah, blah, blah,’ but I keep going because I love you and I wanna help you. (How can I love you if I don’t know you? Just… [ok]). … Last night, she told me that I’m so funny, that all she sees is my smile and went on and on about how real I am. I was like, “Oh.”

How does this apply to you? If you look at yourself and think, ‘Oh my God [agonized face], blah, blah, blah,’ just ignore that. Just ignore the ‘blah, blah, blahs’, because someone else may see something completely different and they probably do. It underscores what I believe deep down: people aren’t lookin’ for perfection or beauty queen (although we love beauty queens, right [most of’em]?). They are looking for *real* and people to whom they can relate. So, if you have doubts, please re-watch this video and say, “Ok, I’m gonna ignore what I think I’m seeing,” and keep the love of your people – whether that’s men or women (I coach woman, mostly) – keep the love of your people and the desire to help them in your heart and just keep on goin’. Ok, l’bye!

Pretend Your Way to Success! (Vid Trans)

11th October 2020

Do you remember when you were a lot younger – you’re still

young but you were a lot younger – you would be the doctor,

the store keeper, the bad girl, the good girl, whatever, when

we played pretend with our friends? You are still able to do

that (!). If you have a hard time putting yourself in the shoes

of the successful ladypreneur that you *know* you could be,

[and] you just can’t quite get there in your mind, do this: go

back to when you were itty bitty bitty, and play pretend, just

for five seconds – to begin with, i.e., ‘How would she [do x, y

or z]?’ I find myself slumping in my car so I made myself sit up

straight and asked myself, ‘If I were the uber-successful

empress (over my empire I’m working on … for twenty years),

how would I sit in my car, knowing how proud I am of my

accomplishments and how many more dreams I have? How

would I sit, how would I stand? We’ve talked a little bit about

this in the videos [in which] I say, “… as tall as you can

possibly be…” (from back in the day). We’ve talked about this

before so let’s put a new spin on it: If you were that woman

[we all know it’s ‘when’ but when we have doubting moments..],

how would you sit? How would you walk? How would you […]?

Fake it ’til you make it! Ok, l’bye.

See the video:

Are Your Dreams Crazy?! (Vid 39 Trnscr)

No, they’re Crazy Amazing (Cra-MAZING! 😉 )!!

Are you crazy?! I think I am sometimes, when I think of stuff that I wanna do and places I wanna go… I think, ‘Omg. I’m crazy…’. Guess what? People more accomplished than us — so far — were called insane, crazy, stupid, foolish… Leonardo DaVinci, the Wright Brothers… So if amazing is what ‘crazy’ is — those people turned out to be amazing — then bring it on! Embrace your ‘crazy’! Of course, I want us all to eliminate this from our definitions of ourselves and our vocabularies, but until that moment, bring it. Be one with who you are. If other people wanna call you crazy, it’s generally because they are too scared, so far (we are not judging them), to embrace inner dreams or small / big goals. Love yourself. If other people label you — eighteenth of all, let’s not discuss our dreams with naysayers. Yes, let’s talk them over with friends that love us and are realistic, i.e., ‘Wow, Hil, that’s great and, have you considered that you may run into [blah blah blah] and do you have issues with that?’ very gently and lovingly. Let’s do that but not discuss what’s in our hearts with — for lack of a better word — the negative people who are gonna poo-poo your idea and criticize you for that. Let’s discuss [our dreams] with the people who are movin’ and shakin’, followin’ their hearts against all odds. Ok? Be crazy with me! Love you, L’bye.

Just Add Permission!

Much of the time, all we need
is permission from ourselves.

For example, today, I want to
be completely silent. I am
horrifically burned out on
talking and listening; I have
been afraid for the last
several days to tell a person –
with whom I spend a ton of
time – that I want to be
in my own head. By today,
I was beyond where I’d be
had I just expressed my truth
when I first felt it. I was
afraid because this person
is helping me; I felt guilty
about walking away and
obligated to sit there…

Today, I listened very care-
fully to myself and made up
my mind to honor how I feel.
I planned out what I will
say when I see that person,
whom has a lot to say. I gave
myself 100% permission to be
in my own world. (Have you seen
that t-shirt? “I’m in my own
world, but it’s okay: they know
me here.”) I decided that if the
person stops helping me, that
I will figure out something
else. After making the de-
cision, I felt GREAT! …
Flash forward one hour: now
that I allowed myself the
space to be absolutely
authentic, I actually may
desire to talk to that
person for a few minutes.

Because I allowed myself to
go all the way to the left,
I was able to come back to
the middle, feel appreciation
and look forward to seeing
and listening to my friend
when the time comes.

Give yourself per-MISSION!
Per… mission, as in, as
per; as in, for each mission!

As per this life mission, give
your permission to

* ‘laze’, stay home from work
* eat a gallon of ice cream
* tell someone off
* pack up and move
* do something you’ve never
done before.

Even if you don’t physically
do any of the things you’re
deciding you’re *allowed* to
and can do if you wish, you
will experience the feeling
of doing them and in many
cases – at least for myself –
it is enough!

So, I’m giving you permission
to give your beautiful self

womanSpeakUpNow: Start Small!

One way I spoke up that wasn’t too scary, was by
writing Google reviews. (My younger years taught me
that telling the truth meant getting in trouble so,
if I have concerns, I still take steps to feel
safe by using a different Gmail address). Plus:
you can write them right on your phone!

You’ll notice that at no time did I use name-calling.
I strove to be factual and point out what is not
working; please do not use G reviews to slam,
slander, etc.

If all you can do at first is publish ‘nice’ stuff,
do it! Just get going and practice, practice,
practice. The goal is to eventually get to the point at
which you can set boundaries in person, without guilt
nor as much anxiety; you will decide to no longer
suffer silently!

(Side note: Have I mentioned before that, soon
after peri-menopause begins, you’ll have all
the hormones you need to do this? The first time
it happens, words will come flying out of your mouth
before you grab and put them back in. Your heart
will pound for 30 solid minutes because you can’t
believe you just said what you said! The second time,
you won’t be as shocked by yourself and your
sweet heart will only do the bass drum dance for
10 minutes…Terrifying but glorious! Tell me in the
comments about your first time!)

“No thanks. I am not going to help you anymore.”

“I think the green one matches better.”

“That doesn’t work for me. What can we figure
out that will work for both of us?”

“Would it be possible for you to use a different
tone of voice? No? Then I’ll see you when you
can.” [Get up and leave! Don’t put up with that!]

“No, we’re not going to the park.” (It’s a child’s
job to push a boundary, over and over and over.
Remain calm and repeat when necessary, like a robot.
[Remember from childhood: “This is a recording”?]
Make a game out of it, to yourself, and count
each repetition before you say it again. ‘6.’ “You
may play outside as soon as you put up the Legos.”
… ‘7.’ “You may….”)

In an upcoming video / transcript, I give an exmaple
about the in-person version: I stood up / spoke up
for a convenience store cashier when her boss
reprimanded her loudly in front of customers
(later, to myself, I mused that sometimes it
feels easier to speak up for someone else than
for ourselves…).

Behold, six reviews:

Oklahoma Library Branch

“Great space”, from an earlier review is right:
this is a modern, clean, beautiful facility
(the ladies’ room is a stunning fusion of
homey and high-tech).

There are zillions of computers to use.

Super comfy chairs in several sitting areas.
Here’s my view today:

I almost had a meltdown about the sculpture
in front; Kirsten at the Adults Info desk
(it’s obvious that she loves her job) was
happy to email me articles about it…
In summer, the focus seems largely upon kids
and reading – which is of course, fantastic –
yet here, they’re having a drawing for a
gift basket – with some reeeeeally cool stuff! –
for every individual that reads, listens, etc.,
to achieve a total of 1000 points!

Libraries are some of my favorite places;
this particular House-Of-Wayyyy-More-Than-Books
is an excellent one!

California Motel

EVER: only $73 for one person! It’s worth
the 2-hour drive north (unless you want
to spend $150 or more in S.F. and listen
to traffic all night…).

Updated, modern, well-designed, CLEAN,
Dish TV, nice scent. Aesthetically pleasing
decor with brick red blackout curtains,
deep orange accent wall and Jetsons’
sunshine yellow bath cabinet give visual pep.

Every area has its own lighting (including
a mini, padded-booth seating section that
serves as a dining area, desk or setting
for board game play). Shelving and plugs

Laminate floors eased my mind; such cuts
way down on places that tiny creatures can
hide and wait (I took the bed apart before
I carried anything in – spotless!).

The A/C worked very well and blocked out
97% of the noise plus, my fellow lodgers
were thoughtful and quiet. I DID hear the
guest above me (it’s an old building,
people!) yet only for a few minutes.

My room featured a microwave and small
fridge; absence of coffee pot and blow dryer
help keep prices down, yet, I was told by
the VERY NICE front desk lady Bria to just
ask if you’d like either.

As if the preceding weren’t enough: it’s a
75-second stroll to convenience store or
Taco Bell and 2-minute walk to Starbucks!

INCREDIBLE VALUE!!! Highly, highly recommend!

Dallas restaurant:

Amazing! Go here! (tucked away behind
Wgreens and Papa John’s)

The people are so welcoming.

At least 16 choices and 2 desserts. 4-6
condiments AND chai masala tea are included!

The noontime samosas are tiny and delicious;
two items I’d never seen before: spinach
chicken and onion pakoras (omg!).

Scrumptious and original variation of
raita (yogurt sauce). Chicken tikki masala
melts in your mouth (no cheap chicken here!).

The pappad (crispy wafer bread) was delicate,
delectable, best I’ve ever tasted. The
freshly-made naan was slightly charred (mmmmmm).

Enjoying these culinary gems in my heated
car on a chilly day while listening to
FunAsia 104.9 = SCORE!

Book 1: When you’re SERIOUSLY ready to
ROCK YOUR LIFE! (easier than you think!)

I ‘downloaded [it] for later’ years ago and
am finally reading it today… you wrote it
so I could GET it (!): stories, examples,
diagrams! GOSH, what a GREAT WAY to TEACH these

Omg… just finished, tears streaming down my
face… I have read self-help book after book,
gone to therapy, listened to teleseminar after
webinar, talked at lennnnngth with friend after
friend, journaled for decades (and I’m thankful
for every bit of it(!), yet NOTHING, nothing
helped to unlock me – and aid my understanding
of why I still haven’t accomplished my hundreds
of dreams – like this miraculous document you

My deepest, most heartfelt gratitude to the author
for publishing it!!!


OMG! I’ve only read half the book and I’m
already ROCKIN’! Jim explains things in such
straight-forward language, as if you’re his
good friend; I woke RIGHT UP and did what he
does! It’s SO EASY and no agony (which has
never happened in my entire “I’m-gonna-write-
LIFE!). $2.99? It’s worth 1000s of times that
price. Buy it and get on your way to becoming
the author you are!!!!

Book 3: A Riveting Story of Hope

I couldn’t stop reading! Well-written, this
detailed account (graphic in places) is
horrifying but necessary to underscore the
miracle of her healing. It definitely brought
up some of my own issues… If you’ve experienced
trauma, I highly recommend this book. If you
haven’t experienced trauma, I also recommend it,
to get an understanding of what some people
have been through. I heartily applaud Jennifer’s
courage in telling her story.

© LadyBossLifeCoach Hil 2019

“Good Girls” Make Bad Videos: Stop Being ‘Nice’ On Camera!

“But don’t I want people to like me?!”
you’re wondering.

YES, in the context of the know/like/trust

NO, in the sense of kiss-up, contrived,
patronizing, phoney.

I want my tribe to relate, respect and see
me as an expert; not to like a fake version
of me (also, if you start out as a ‘persona’,
it gets harder and harder to go back to the
genuine you!).

Your clients and potential clients are not
seeking a FRIEND; they are seeking a
go-to person whom they can trust to solve
their problems or challenges.

They want the straight truth, as quickly
as they can get it from you.

They want their issue solved as soon as
possible; mostly, they aren’t looking to
feel warm and fuzzy until after the
issue is handled!

These are busy people with booked-up schedules.

Think about it, Lady Boss: you have chosen the
same; you’re watching (or reading) me because
you want to learn to speak confidently in your
business, marketing and life. I’m sure you
enjoy my occasional humor yet, your focus is
how to Speak Up Now and Rock Your Online Videos!
This desire to improve and/or change something
is the same one *your* people have…

Be someone they respect and to whom they can

Be someone from whom they can get help.

Let them see who you *really* are from the
very first frame of your first video.

Earn their trust by being consistent.

If they grow to like you, great. If not, rest
assured that they aren’t your ideal client.

Love you, Shugers! – LBLC Hil

© LadyBossLifeCoach Hil 2019

wSUN: Speak Up to Yourself!

(To see this, click here:

So I’m cruisin’ along in traffic and I realized that womanSpeakUpNow is not only about speaking up to others (like i did yesterday to the C-store cashier’s boss: “[When you correct her, you need to do it in private.]”), it’s also about speaking up to yourself. I’m finding out that i don’t always have to tell someone off [wSUN is *not* about telling people off (!); it’s saying what’s really real for you and having the courage – even though the person might not like you – to say what IS, politely (and maybe passionately), without name-calling or blaming]. I don’t always have to go, “[gritch, gritch, gritch]” but if I give myself permission and acknowledge to myself what I’m feeling – and what I could say but I don’t have to – a lotta times, that’s enough.

wSUN includes getting really real with yourself about others and getting really real with yourself about yourself. My example: what’s really real for me right now is that I want to share so much that I’ve learned. I want [to help] every woman that I can find to have the courage to speak up and tell her truth. Do you or she wanna start a business? Do you wanna change careers? What is it that’s really real for you? Do you wanna take an art class? Do you wanna go play soccer for an adult women’s soccer team? What’s really real for you?

Speak up now, honey. If you’re thinking, “But, Hil, I can’t say that [to someone]”, okay fine. You may not be able to say that to whomever – her, him, them – but you CAN say it to yourself, to start with… Alright, love you. Have a GREAT DAY! Bye.

#womanSpeakUpNow #wSUN

11. Getting What You Want! Video Transcript

See the video here:

Getting What You Want!
When it comes to giving your order,
Mickey D’s and the Universe are the same!
Here’s how to get what you want!

More LadyBossLifeCoach videos,
madcap adventures and hot flashes:
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Twitter: @LadyBossLifeCch

When we tell the Universe, “This is my dream. This is my vision. THIS is what I want!” (that we wanna be an artist, a Lady Boss, whatever…); when we decide to do something great and meaningful, the voices start up:

“I’m nobody… just little Tammy from Muskogee.”
“That will never work.”
“If I take all the steps and do all that work, and then it doesn’t work… Dude! That will be such a waste of my time.”
“People are gonna laugh and say I am crazy.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I don’t know enough.”
“Who do yew thank yew are, shuger?”
“Yeah, it’s what I wanna do but I can never make money doin’ it…”

But! When we go to McDonald’s and put in our order for a Big Mac –“we’ve all done it, shuger, so don’t act like ya haven’t…” – we do not say,
“What if they run outta buns? What if they forget the pickles? They’re not gonna make my sandwich; they’ll put too much special sauce on… What am I doing here? Who am I to be having a Big Mac?!”

We do not say any of that. We tell the cashier what we want and we expect the people to give it to us exactly how we ordered it. If we stop the employees and say, “Wait! Wait… no, hold on: I don’t want the Big Mac. I want the Fish Filet. Ok, no tartar sau- ok, maybe a little tartar sauce- and I want the French fries…well…do I want the Fish Filet?”

If we change our minds and go back and forth, they can’t give us what we ask for.

Guess what? The Universe is exactly the same: if we put our order in and get quiet, it comes. All we have to do is be hands off. It comes, including opportunities to clear whatever stands between you and what you said you wanted. Sometimes [this] includes deep feelings of anger and sorrow. Embrace [them], they’ll dissolve in five minutes and you’ll go to the next level of clearing (but that’s another video…).
The minute you say, “This is who I choose to be; this is what I want,” the Universe goes to work to make it happen! If you’re led to take steps and you won’t do it; if we say, “Well, yeah… no…”, you’re saying, “No, I really don’t want it, I just said I did but I really don’t…”, you’re not meeting God halfway. God/the Universe does not judge. He/it just says, “Okay. As you wish.”

So what can you do? Decide, one hundred percent, even if it feels really scary to do it. If you have the dream or idea, there’s a reason. Decide, 100%, even if it seems impossible. Then, feel the feeling of the thing already having happened, i.e., friends are inviting you to parties, how proud you feel that it’s done. Feel feel feel feel, and hold that [feeling] as long as you can. During the day, stop and just feeeel. Feel that feeling even when the voices are [naysaying], like we already saw today. Feel the feeling of that two-week vacation in Italy that you’ve earned, you got ‘er done, everything’s coming together now and you have the money to go to Italy.

Feel it and forget it. Take the steps you’re led to take. Go ahead and argue and fuss and do it anyway. Trust the Universe to know what it’s doing, to see the bigger picture, to know things you have no way of knowing. Let go, let God, take the steps you’re led to take and know that your order is being prepared right now.

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