Just Add Permission!

Much of the time, all we need
is permission from ourselves.

For example, today, I want to
be completely silent. I am
horrifically burned out on
talking and listening; I have
been afraid for the last
several days to tell a person –
with whom I spend a ton of
time – that I want to be
in my own head. By today,
I was beyond where I’d be
had I just expressed my truth
when I first felt it. I was
afraid because this person
is helping me; I felt guilty
about walking away and
obligated to sit there…

Today, I listened very care-
fully to myself and made up
my mind to honor how I feel.
I planned out what I will
say when I see that person,
whom has a lot to say. I gave
myself 100% permission to be
in my own world. (Have you seen
that t-shirt? “I’m in my own
world, but it’s okay: they know
me here.”) I decided that if the
person stops helping me, that
I will figure out something
else. After making the de-
cision, I felt GREAT! …
Flash forward one hour: now
that I allowed myself the
space to be absolutely
authentic, I actually may
desire to talk to that
person for a few minutes.

Because I allowed myself to
go all the way to the left,
I was able to come back to
the middle, feel appreciation
and look forward to seeing
and listening to my friend
when the time comes.

Give yourself per-MISSION!
Per… mission, as in, as
per; as in, for each mission!

As per this life mission, give
your permission to

* ‘laze’, stay home from work
* eat a gallon of ice cream
* tell someone off
* pack up and move
* do something you’ve never
done before.

Even if you don’t physically
do any of the things you’re
deciding you’re *allowed* to
and can do if you wish, you
will experience the feeling
of doing them and in many
cases – at least for myself –
it is enough!

So, I’m giving you permission
to give your beautiful self