My Recs for Two Top Female Influencers! Get Yours!

Here are recommendations I sent to two very successful female influencers. Their 

  • lighting 
  • video quality
  • content
  • wardrobe
  • hair/makeup 

were all good yet, a few important tweaks would help them Step Up their Videos, attract more of their tribes and generate more profits!

To Influencer 1 (written to her video people):

“Great job on the ‘out-and-about’ clips.

Relieved and delighted to see that in the latest video, you videotaped her ONLY left-to-right; because we as a culture READ left to right, any shot that contains action or talking in a right-to-left direction (like in several of her previous videos) signals that something is wrong.

In video #2, she mentions the value of pattern interrupt – which may explain why the editor made the cutaways in black and white. However, in cinematographic language, it is confusing.

[She] is so beautiful and expressive that it makes the viewer wish for closer, straight-on shots of her (when she’s not moving her hands).

For Influencer 2:

“Thank you so much for the info!

If you work on the following, you’ll increase your revenue even more:

In the clips in which you’re talking directly to camera, make your shot tighter, meaning, make your face larger on the screen so that we can see more of your facial expressions and thus, connect with you more deeply.

You make noises and clicks with your mouth, often. In less than 6 minutes, I counted several. They’re distracting and take away from your message.

It took you 2 minutes and 39 seconds to get into the actual content, which should start happening within 30-45 seconds. Back story is great yet, leave more of it for within the tip sections, and less of it before the tips begin.”

What important tweaks could you make to Step Up Your Live Video / Online MeetingGame?

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