“Good Girls” Make Bad Videos: Stop Being ‘Nice’ On Camera!

“But don’t I want people to like me?!”
you’re wondering.

YES, in the context of the know/like/trust

NO, in the sense of kiss-up, contrived,
patronizing, phoney.

I want my tribe to relate, respect and see
me as an expert; not to like a fake version
of me (also, if you start out as a ‘persona’,
it gets harder and harder to go back to the
genuine you!).

Your clients and potential clients are not
seeking a FRIEND; they are seeking a
go-to person whom they can trust to solve
their problems or challenges.

They want the straight truth, as quickly
as they can get it from you.

They want their issue solved as soon as
possible; mostly, they aren’t looking to
feel warm and fuzzy until after the
issue is handled!

These are busy people with booked-up schedules.

Think about it, Lady Boss: you have chosen the
same; you’re watching (or reading) me because
you want to learn to speak confidently in your
business, marketing and life. I’m sure you
enjoy my occasional humor yet, your focus is
how to Speak Up Now and Rock Your Online Videos!
This desire to improve and/or change something
is the same one *your* people have…

Be someone they respect and to whom they can

Be someone from whom they can get help.

Let them see who you *really* are from the
very first frame of your first video.

Earn their trust by being consistent.

If they grow to like you, great. If not, rest
assured that they aren’t your ideal client.

Love you, Shugers! – LBLC Hil

© LadyBossLifeCoach Hil 2019


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