wSUN: Speak Up to Yourself!

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So I’m cruisin’ along in traffic and I realized that womanSpeakUpNow is not only about speaking up to others (like i did yesterday to the C-store cashier’s boss: “[When you correct her, you need to do it in private.]”), it’s also about speaking up to yourself. I’m finding out that i don’t always have to tell someone off [wSUN is *not* about telling people off (!); it’s saying what’s really real for you and having the courage – even though the person might not like you – to say what IS, politely (and maybe passionately), without name-calling or blaming]. I don’t always have to go, “[gritch, gritch, gritch]” but if I give myself permission and acknowledge to myself what I’m feeling – and what I could say but I don’t have to – a lotta times, that’s enough.

wSUN includes getting really real with yourself about others and getting really real with yourself about yourself. My example: what’s really real for me right now is that I want to share so much that I’ve learned. I want [to help] every woman that I can find to have the courage to speak up and tell her truth. Do you or she wanna start a business? Do you wanna change careers? What is it that’s really real for you? Do you wanna take an art class? Do you wanna go play soccer for an adult women’s soccer team? What’s really real for you?

Speak up now, honey. If you’re thinking, “But, Hil, I can’t say that [to someone]”, okay fine. You may not be able to say that to whomever – her, him, them – but you CAN say it to yourself, to start with… Alright, love you. Have a GREAT DAY! Bye.

#womanSpeakUpNow #wSUN


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