Rock Your Home-bound Blizzard Conditions!

14 February 2021

Staying in: we had plenty of practice last year, right?! If your area is experiencing extreme weather, decide to make the most of this time!

Example (my situation): 

Right now, I’m between clients. As last week passed and I heard more and more about the approaching week of hazardous outside conditions, I knew I’d be staying in. I saw that I have a whole ‘free’ 5 days! I thought about how I can make a difference in my and others’ lives. I made an iron-clad deal with myself to do as much as I can – especially stuff that I felt I couldn’t do before, due to enmeshing myself so intensely in client work and, life challenges (“Dichotomy, line 1… “).

Are you thinking, “Hil, I don’t have any content! I still have to work every day. What can I do??”

Plenty! Even if you’re working at home because office is closed for weather, you now have two or more extra hours per day, like you did during quarantine: not as much ‘getting ready’, no need to stop for gas, no commute.

(I’ve mentioned elsewhere: when I put my earpods in and click on my music apps or bookmarks *first*, I’m able to jump right over the ‘not in the mood’ and ‘what difference will my content make anyway?!’ voices [which of course, are just mechanisms that ego uses to keep me ‘safe’ from success / failure…] )

With the extra time you’ll have, you can:

– do 22 minutes of morning pages (from “The Artists’ Way”; you write as fast as you can for three pages, first thing in the morning [or right before you start working on your own projects] to clear your head, remove writer’s block, etc.)

– move for twelve minutes – stretches, dancing, strolling around the house – which takes you further out of the logical, argumentative part of your brain

– spend a couple hours doing bulk cooking in the middle of the week instead of waiting ’til Sunday

– take 5 minutes to set up that social media account you’ve been thinking about

– use half an hour to brainstorm ideas for Tweets, YouTube videos, TikToks, Facebook posts

If you have existing content, you can do some of these that I’m going to do: 

– transcribe videos

– post the transcriptions under the videos and on my website (for people who’d rather read; added bonus: long descriptions under your YouTube videos boost your SEO!)

– add titles / descriptions to private videos and make them public or, put unlisted links in email campaign

– re-purpose parts of YouTube videos for TikToks

– backup website pages to Google Drive

– make a list of Tweets and a schedule

– make a list of TikToks and a schedule

– put more calls-to-action in my vids, TikToks and Tweets:

— ‘like, subscribe, comment’

— ‘sign up for my free eBook’

— ‘click here for coaching’

– ramp up my squeeze page

– post everything in my training group for other members to share, like, etc. 

*** When you take breaks: ***

– get vicarious with me in Fair Park and Deep Ellum in my TikTok series, Take A Break! @ladybosslifecoach

– see V-Day throwback, “State of the Heart”

Ok, Cuties and Beauties! Love you! 

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— let me know in the comments what you’re rockin’ on during the stay-in!

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