Drama Queen

Friday, at my remodeling job, I was yelled at, snapped at, eye-rolled at then spoken to in a condescending tone by another worker. It was quite surprising, as this has not happened with any other human for a very, very long time. I asked myself: Did I attract it? Am I holding the ‘kick me’ sign like the little creature in “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

My ego said, “Well, I NEVER! How dare he!” I felt I had to re-set my energy / ground myself (which also hasn’t happened in ages). There were times I almost gave him my power. There were times I silently accused him of being bi-polar, scantily endowed, threatened by strong women, etc…

Finally, by Saturday afternoon, I jumped in and yelled back from a place of simple expression – no anger, judgment nor blame – and it was kinda fun, believe it or not!

The important thing is to first FEEL whatever’s your ego is feeling. 1) It allows the flow of energy to keep flowing, rather than pushing it down. 2) The feelings are a message from yourself to yourself that there’s something you may (and probably) wanna look at and clear!

I felt my feelings fully. Once I’d acknowledged and honored my ego, I was able to take my ego out of the equation and see this from another perspective:

My inner self said, “Wow! What an opportunity! I’m in a half-million dollar home with a demon! Ha! The irony! The contrast!” (Notice, I felt ALL my feelings before I even viewed it from a different angle! Otherwise, es no bueno.) Know that there’s a silver lining here somewhere, especially if it’s not a regular occurrence in your reality!!!

For years now, I have told the Universe I want to be a vessel; I volunteered / vowed to be exactly who I am for my own and others’ growth / expansion… Perhaps HE had stuff that needs to be cleared… I never intend to be a catalyst or intense or whatever. I am just being my everyday self yet perhaps my energy stirred him up (which is not to say that his behavior is ok).

At no time did I feel insulted, humiliated, angry. It was a little unpleasant at times. It was a little frustrating: we could have had so much fun (I gave myself permission to have fun regardless: I LOVE painting and I love recognizing others / expressing myself. I said to him, “That is the fastest cutting in I’ve ever seen in my whole life.” “ That shirt looks nice on you.”); we could have accomplished so much more if we’d worked together. I couldn’t fathom how he could not see that.

I DID see that he just wanted to fight, resist, argue, create conflict. Since I have no need for people to change, no need for them to be something they’re not, it didn’t bother me as much as it would have even six months ago. (Yey!)

So, when / if this happens in your beautiful life, feel everything first then view it as a curiosity, as a part of the whole, amazing, adventurous tapestry of this group we call humanity, of this thing we call ‘life’. 😀

P.S. Why is it important to keep the flow flowing and remember how things usually are in  your life? It lets your happiness set point shoot back up… Just hours after I clocked out, my handsome, funny neighbor invited me for grilled steaks and let me drive his sexy, black sportscar….


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