I’ve Gone to the Dogs!!!

11:32 am, 2 Dec 17

I have never been a dog person, not for one minute. I do not like their smell,

their hair all over everything, their muddy paws that manage to land on me

when I’m wearing my nicest clothes. It also freaks me out that they stroll

through their poop outside, then track it inside onto the floor, the couch,

the bed.

Also, I have been afraid of canines since age nine. I used to visit a little girl’s

(Lucy) house; each time, her parents held the dog while I scurried into Lucy’s

room. Finally, they decided I should meet the 4-legged residents and put an

end to the anxiety. Crouched, heart pounding, I was petting him when he became

startled for no apparent reason and bit me through my upper lip … After that,

I gave most dogs a wide berth.

I moved into my current apartment in March 2017, next to a handsome guy

with a beautiful Golden Retriever / Black Lab mix named Duke. Time after

time, Duke, tail flailing with joy, bounded down the walkway to greet me as

if I were the most amazing human on Earth. He seemed the most affectionate

when I’d had a hard day. Who can resist that? Not me!











In October, I went to help some friends remodel. They live east of town with

their pet, Buddy the Beagle











and frequent visitor, Ripley the Retriever.


















Buddy – abandoned as a pup – was rescued by my friend; it took her over a month to

get him into a cage (via a food trail) and adopt him. It’s no wonder that he’s a

sneaky (ate the last half of my chicken fried steak when I walked away for 3

minutes!), sometimes morose animal. My friend says that beagles feel superior

to people because we can’t hear nor smell like they can. Several weeks after

meeting Buddy, he finally warmed up to me.

Ripley is even more friendly than Duke! She is the sweetest animal I’ve ever,

ever met and her tail is in constant motion.

Then there’s Chikis (Cheek-eez),









the downstairs neighbors’ pug. Tiny little thing but barks at you as if she’s as

big as a horse. Skittish, but as I came and went, she eventually let me fawn

over her. Never did ask why her tongue always sticks out. Sealing the deal

with this precious thing was housemate baby Adam.











I had my window open one day and heard a small yap. Peeked out the door and

there was Chikis, who had traversed 22 stairs to come see me! I texted her

owner; Chikis had been accidently left outside. We live in a busy area so I took

it upon myself to dogsit her until someone came home…(handled the shedding

hair issue by holding her in a towel on my lap). It was a wonderful day…

The family moved away shortly thereafter; I miss all of them, especially Chikis.

Here’s what I have learned since Duke started converting me:

  • Watch the tail! If it’s wagging, you’re safe and the dog is happy.
  • Always walk in the door first, THEN let the dog come in, to establish yourself

as the pack leader.

  • A dog will let you know when s/he needs to go outside to do business.

The four creatures with whom I spent time are so full of love that my issues with

scent and hair faded away. If you’re not a dog person, I understand yet I hope

that at some point in your life, you take a little time to experience their wonderful

and devoted companionship (wear casual threads!). A canine can be a

woman’s best friend. – Hil

© 2017 LadyBossLifeCoach Hil


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