Love Your Lens: 3 Keys to Being Great On Camera!

Congrats on taking a big step to becoming an on-camera champion!

Here is your 3 Keys video! 😉 )

You know in your heart that sharing your message 

in online videos will take your business or leadership position to the next level. You will reach so many more people and have a bigger impact…yet the thought of doing it is intimidating and scary; you’d rather go to the dentist!

Where do you start? How will you deal with

– how you feel you look on camera?

– the money for all the stuff you will need?

Where will you put the videos? Facebook? YouTube? And what the heck will you say when the camera rolls? Aaaaaah!

It’s overwhelming and you’ve done everything you can to avoid it, yet…

What if there were a simple, easy, step-by-step way that’s fun, painless and gives you confidence you didn’t know you had?

Hi! I am LadyBossLifeCoach Hil.

  • 10 years – Hollywood film sets

  • 25 years – performances: plays, variety shows, rock bands

  • 200+ videos for small biz – produce / direct / lens / edit

  • 40-plus videos of self – produce / direct / lens / edit

  • 25 years – acting / grace / life coach (reviews)

  • BA in Film / Video, summa cum laude

Watch this woman do almost anything to turn you into on-camera gold!

You owe it to yourself to master this skill that you’ll use for decades – once and for all.

Highlights of what you’ll learn in this awesome training:

– draw your viewers in and make them want to listen

– the Hollywood secret to making your eyes come alive

– the number one most important thing about being on camera (hint: not the color nor background nor angle nor if you’re ‘attractive’; those are important, but THIS overrides everything)

– the number 1 way to get better in front of the camera fast

– 3 things to ALWAYS do before you press record

– avoid the preparation technique that makes you sound fake & insincere

– gestures and sounds that make watchers click the stop button

– the colors that emphasize what you’re saying and make you more visually appealing (wrong colors convey the wrong message)

– why it’s necessary to watch your videos and how to not cringe

– what to do if you aren’t ready to buy pricy equipment

– more simple exercises – some of which serve another purpose! – to get better fast

– why asking friends and family for their opinion can backfire and is mostly not recommended

  • and more….

There are many important technical and non-technical elements that go into a video. Is it the end of the world if you don’t include them? No. Do you want to get your message out to the women who need it and whom are waiting for exactly what you were born to give? Yes (!), and the better your video elements are, the more effective you will be and, the faster and easier your mission is going to be.

Video lets us reach people all over the globe and is different than in-person presentation. Online viewers don’t have the benefit of your presence; they aren’t there with you to feel the waves of energy that you emanate. In videos, you have to get that across in other ways.

I have 25 years of experience on and behind the camera, on- and backstage. From corporate to campy, I will get you there!

Q1: Why should I choose Love Your Lens?

a. You can see me, hear me and verify on YouTube that I actually speak on camera (9 out of 10 ‘media training’ companies have no video of someone speaking on camera!).

b. You can be sure from watching my videos that I’m the right coach for you.

c. You can read the things real people have said about my coaching.

d. I gently tell it like it is, to get you on your way to on-camera magnificence.

Q2: How will it work?

As soon as you choose your Level and complete the SquarePay transaction, we’ll email or speak by phone to set up your flexible weekly sessions.

Every week, we’ll meet, via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout, for 8 sessions.


This is the lowest this course will ever be; here’s why:

  1. We want to empower as many female entrepreneurs as possible!!
  2. This is the debut of LYLBGOC in online/remote/home study format; we want to make sure that this course ROCKS and want your feedback, comments and results.
  3. We want before-and-afters (we will handle that part); if you are one of the five lucky fast-action-taker ladies, you agree to let us show your before-and-after (aka free publicity for you!).

Bonuses for Premium

  • Help you write your first YouTube video, up to 3 minutes long ($247 value)

Bonuses for Platinum

  • Your own personalized YouTube channel, ($397 value)
  • Help you write your first three YouTube videos, up to 3 minutes each ($647 value)

So how much is this gonna cost me, Hil??!! 

5 fast-action-takers will get the Premium or Platinum package – valued up to $4,088 – for an investment of only

$797 – Premium !!!

$1297 – Platinum !!!

When you put in the Promo -Code for either level – LYLnow – you’ll see the discount!

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More questions? Email!

More about LBLC Hil:

LBLC / LYL Founder Hil has been coaching (aka telling people what to do 😉 ) since her little sister was born. She started creating plays at age four, went on stage at age seven, began her love affair with the camera at age 20 (only a few years ago, ahem 😉 ). Hil has produced / directed video and theatre for over 20 years. Her multiple personalities first emerged when she was cast as two men and a woman in a New Mexico production of “Greater Tuna”. (Hil promises that only one person will show up to coach you [ha ha!] ).

She is the author of the forthcoming book, “Love Your Lens and Give ‘Em All You Got!”